Who am I

My name is Michael DeLomba and I am a software engineer. I’ve been writing code since 2012 when started attending school at the Art Institute of Portland. Out of high school I enlisted within the United States Navy to travel the world as well as take advantage of the education benefits which inevitably paid for my schooling. Six months out of college I landed my first (and current) job at PLEXSYS Interface Products to develop features for ASCOT7 which is a simulation and training software. As of 2020 I moved from working in office to remotely from home where I can spend more time with my wife, son, and two dogs.


I’m the sort of person that always needs to be doing something. I have small intervals of mindlessly watching movies or shows every now and then though. Two of my main hobbies are woodworking and 3D printing. As much as I would love to make things for other people, most of the projects consist of improving the tools or adding tools to help with the hobbies themselves. I come from a family of bowlers and thus I love to bowl. I spent most of my childhood hanging out in bowling alleys whether it be bowling or spectating. Of course, I also enjoy writing code and reading up or watching videos on different programming topics and languages.