Software Engineer

Noun: a person in a perpetual state of imposter syndrome.

Military Service

Proudly served within the United States Navy for five years. Was stationed in Oak Harbor, Washington and assigned to Fleet Readiness Center Northwest (FRCNW) working on Navigation/Communication instruments specializing in Identification Friend or Foe (IFF). Deployed to Iraq and then Kuwait to assist VAQ-138 in repairing night vision goggles and maintain auxiliary batteries.

College Degree

In 2012 I enrolled within the Visual and Game Programming program at the Art Institute of Portland. Received my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science after three years and graduated in 2015. Received education in the following languages: JavaScript, C#, C++, and Lua. The bulk of my projects were centered around the Unity game engine.

Current Employment

I’m currently employed at PLEXSYS Interface Products working on the ASCOT7 program. My daily tasks are to build requirements, develop designs, and implement features. I’ve mentored many Junior Software Engineers to help guide them in coding best practices, our architecture, and be a resource outlet when they are struggling. I’ve been considered a go-to resource


Personal Development

One of the main issues I have right now has to do with using my free time for personal development. After spending nine hours behind a keyboard working, it can be difficult to channel my remaining energy for the day to learn. Even if I get the energy to practice new coding ideas on my

Data Structures and Algorithms

This first post is going to be a spaghetti of streaming thought so bear with me. It’s not going to cover different data structures and algorithms but rather how I view them. I’m currently at the point in my career where, out of concern of becoming stagnant, I have decided to use my free time